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Predictions for Equestria Girls

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 13, 2013, 10:26 PM
So Equestria Girls is nearly here and with the second trailer and some leaked images making their way onto the internet, I thought I'd share some of my predictions. POSSIBLE SPOILERS

As we see in the trailer, Sunset Shimmer is clearly the thief of Twilight's crown and without it, Equestria is left defenseless with powerless Elements of Harmony. 

The big thing I was wondering at first was, if Sunset Shimmer went through all that trouble to get the crown, why casually place it as the winning crown for the school's fall formal? Well, I have devised a theory for that.

As the trailer shows us, things are different in the human world. There's no magic and Twilight is no longer recognized as a princess like in Equestria. The crown and it's powers would only work for a princess, right? So how does one become a princess in the human world? While it may seem pretty minor, winning the fall formal and being crowned a princess would technically count in the crown's perspective. Therefore, whoever wins the fall formal will be recognized as a princess by the crown and be granted it's powers. That's why I think Sunset Shimmer purposefully placed it as the winning crown of a high school fall formal. She needed a situation where she could be recognized as a princess. It's kind of like in the Princess and the Frog where Tiana's friend counted as a princess for the duration of Mardi Gras. 

Hm... What else is there? Oh yes! Sunset Shimmer herself. Now the only thing we really know about her is that she's pretty mean and callous to Twilight in the human world. But according to information on the mlp wiki, Sunset Shimmer was a former student of Celestia. Former student coming back to steal the crown of Celestia's current and succeeding student? Yeah, that seems legit. So I'm pretty confident that Sunset Shimmer either gave up her training out of frustration or was banished through the mirror for some heinous act but has returned when she discovered Celestia's latest student became a princess. Spurned by her jealousy and resentment for her former teacher and her former teacher's new student, Sunset Shimmer sets out to steal that which she feels is rightfully hers: power and the title of princess. Given the several pictures of the human Sunset Shimmer as the winner of several - what we can infer to be - fall formals, she has spent a great deal of time in the human world. 

As for the rest of the girls, the trailer establishes that the human variations of the other ponies we see are not the actual ponies, simply their human, Earth world counterparts. Whereas they initially brought friendship to Twilight, Twilight herself may have to be the one to brings these five very different girls together and make them realize how great of friends they are. Since there's no Twilight in their world until the movies, I'm thinking that maybe the human versions of her Ponyville friends aren't that close with each other to begin with. In a few sections of the trailers, we can see some of the girls eating at separate tables. Friends sit together at school when they eat lunch; I did every day! So based on that, I think that in order to get her crown back, Twilight will need to rediscover the power of friendship and help the versions of her friends in the human world discover how great friends they are.

Well, those are my initial thoughts about the movie. I'm looking forward to seeing it. And for those who are so against the idea of human mlp, I'm just gonna say that I once misjudged mlp before so I'm going to watch the movie first before I make my final judgement. 

:new:While watching the second trailer again, I noticed something. At the very beginning, a pegasus pony guard announces Twilight's arrival to the other princesses... A pony with peach skin and blue hair... much like that human boy we saw in the first trailer. Could this guard perhaps be the Equestria counterpart of that human boy?

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NettoPainter Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My predictions for Equestria Girls.

1.- Rage
WolfDuelist99 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm also looking forward it, but I'm thinking of just waiting for the Hub to have it on T.V. or what it when it comes out on DVD.
marioking89 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
My only grip is that it comes out on Father's Day. Fuck! My grandfather is having a lunch with the family.
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