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October 7, 2011
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Bakugan Chara: Rebel by Zephyros-Phoenix Bakugan Chara: Rebel by Zephyros-Phoenix
So here she is, my latest Bakugan character, Rebel (pronouced reh-belle, like the verb form). I don't think I made this clear, but she is clearly not a Human or Vestal, etc. She is, in fact, a female Hairadee clone and therefore an Aquos-Ventus Bakugan. She is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and only appears in season 3 as a valuable ally to the remaining Brawlers (DJ, Shin, Soren, Clay, Izumi and Jupiter) crucial in their plans to defeat Naga and the love interest of Izumi Brown.

Name: Rebel

Alias: The Heretic, Clone #18

Gender: Female

Race: Hairadee Clone

Attribute: Aquos and Ventus hybrid

Affiliations: Brawlers, Hairadee (formerly), Naga (formerly)

Abilities: As she is a clone of Hairadee, she possess all the same abilities as he does, though she is not as powerful as him. Rebel can fly, turn invisible and breath underwater. The feathers on her wings are sharp and can cut through anything. She is also very strong and an excellent tactical specialist. However, having worked alone for most of her life, she finds it difficult to work with others.

Freezing Wave: (Aquos/Ventus)
Crystal Missile: (Aquos)
Crystal Fortress: (Aquos)
Polar Cylinder: (Aquos)
Blow Away: Moves the opponent to another Gate Card (Ventus).
Dive Mirage: Allows Hairadee to move to another Gate Card, making the Gate Card it was on nullified (Aquos).
Shadow Agressor: (Ventus)
Air Attack: (Ventus)
Crystal Chamber: (Aquos)

Rebel was one of the first clones created by the newly resurrected Hairadee and his master Naga. Shortly after her creation, she developed a free will and a mind of her own and disliked what Hairadee and the others were doing. She believed they were unfit to rule and dedicated her life to freeing the innocents from their tyrannical dictatorship. Because of her betrayal, she has been labeled a heretic by Hairadee and has a large bounty on her head. She proudly identifies herself as a traitor to Hairadee by painting markings of black and red all over her body and taking the name "Rebel" as a sign of her rebellion. She has stealthily sabotaged many of Hairadee's operations, but knows that if she hopes of taking him down, she must do something bigger. She runs into the Brawlers and despite her initial impressions of them, agreed to join forces with the common goal of taking down Naga. She fears that, as a clone, she is not entitled to a life of her own and hopes to enjoy everything the world has to offer after Naga is defeated. As a master tactical specialist, Rebel assists Izumi with battle plans and during this time, the two develop feelings for each other. However, Rebel does not want to settle down or relax until her mission is completed.

Rebel and all Bakugan: Next Generation content belong to *Zephyros-Phoenix
Official Bakugan series belongs to Spin Master and Nelvana.
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Hmm I wonder if I should make a Species joke or simply point something out
Zephyros-Phoenix Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That she's a Bakugan and her love interest is a Gundalian?
Zephyros-Phoenix Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, she's a clone of a Bakugan and has no ball form, like Naga's minions.
So....this is one of a set number of clones that were made from that original birdbrained watersucker that Skyress tromped and finished off right? I gotta admit though thus far she seems to be well a big exception from the original
Zephyros-Phoenix Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, at some point in my Next Gen story, each of Naga's minions creates a series of clones as their own personal army (inspired by the Hairadee army from the same episode you're referring to). Rebel is one of the first clones, but developed her own free will and defected.
So more of them huh, will all of Naga's minions come back or just some new ones?
Zephyros-Phoenix Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I hadn't planned on making new minions, but Hairadee, Tayghen, Druman and Centorior will return.
so basically if i remember right, the gargoyle, the cenataur and the harpy dude but tayghen I dont recall
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