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Zephyros-Phoenix Commissions Catalog by Zephyros-Phoenix


To do list
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1. May I add you on Skype/XBOX Live/PSN?
Yes, but just tell me your or deviantART username so I know who I am adding otherwise it will be immediately declined. You may not video call me. Voice chatting will be restricted to gaming on XBOX Live and PSN.

2. What program do you use for drawing?
I sketch on paper, scan the image and then do the lineart and color in photoshop.

3. What is going to happen in [insert story name here]?

4. Are commissions/etc. open?
If it says so on my profile. Anything requested during closed periods will be ignored. Send details via PMs.

5. Do you do free requests?

6. I requested something a while ago, why hasn't it been posted?
I complete them in the order I receive them. Also remember that I have a life outside of dA and that anything that is my own work takes priority over all commissions/etc. If you're worried I've forgotten, feel free to send me a helpful reminder.

7. May I use the commission as my I.D./avatar?
Yes, just credit and link back to me on your profile and do not claim it as your own. Comments must be disabled. Do not repost, alter or redistribute it on other sites!

8. How much does [insert commission] cost?
Refer to my commission prices.

9. Can I color the sketch/lineart you made for me?
Yes, so long as you credit and link back to the original by me.

10. May I use your OC(s) in my fanfiction/comic?
So long as you ask and I give you my permission. You must tell me what the story is about and how you will be using my character, just so I know what I'm getting into by letting you use my property. In addition, it must be you who decides which character to use, as you are the writer and therefore have a better idea of the story's content and direction as well as character interaction. If you are incapable of choosing, then that's your own problem.

11. May I draw fanart of your OC(s)?
Absolutely! No need to ask! Just remember to link and credit me as the character's owner and don't forget to show me what you drew!

12. Can I use your OC's appearance as an official image for my own?
No. Draw the OC yourself as it is your own OC. You can use my OC's design as a reference only for your own OC's design. No straight copying or modification of any of my images.

13. Why haven't you updated your fanfictions/when will you be updating?
It depends. Sometimes I'm in the mood and sometimes I'm not. You can't force the magic. Sometimes I may not even have the next chapter written up yet. I like to leave a 2-3 week window between each update to allow for more reviews/comments. The more reviews/comments, the more likely I'll update! But the more people pester me about it, the less I may want to update.

14. Can I pair my OC with one of yours as a love interest?


Commission prices have been updated, mainly condensing what I offer and removing some unnecessary options.
That moment when a RWBY song can apply perfectly to one of your own characters XD
Holy.... fuck....

Cliffhangers. Why you do dis to me Voltron?
It's almost time for me to get off work and do the thing I've been waiting to do for months!


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About Zephyros-Phoenix
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:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotName: Melissa
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotNicknames: Jinks, Zeph, Blue
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotAge: 24 (Oct 30)
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotGender: Female
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotRelationship status: My heart belongith to Dingo-Sniper
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotCurrent Location: Canada
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotLikes: Drawing, writing, TV and movies, manga and anime, video games, cosplaying
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotDislikes: Stupid questions, art theft, stupid people
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotEmail:
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBotSkype: Zephyros-Phoenix
Blackzephyr666's Gamercard

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My friends
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Favorite artists
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Commission: L'ynnx, Alexis and Farren by SolKorra


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Heh heh heg~ Hello Zephyros! I just came by to tell you something that you may know or may not care for~

Basically, when Dan and Drago fought against Dharak and Barodias when they "Evolved/Mutated/Transformed" into that armored fiend and that monstrous centipede; well that is actually mirroring an ancient tale from Japan, of a youngling, seeking to become a warrior whom traverses over a sleeping dragon on a bridge over a vast lake; the dragon and his people in the palace are besieged by a gigantic, vile centipede that consumes child, elder and women alike, whether they be in dragon form or human guise.

The King Dragon and The Young Warrior go into battle against this creature, that could crush mountains with its body wrapped around them, it is defeated with the final arrow in the quiver of the boy, coated in human saliva which apparently has a rather hazardous effect on normal centipedes, so thus it struck the brain of the beast and turned the lake a most ominous red with its blood. The King and The Boy celebrated with the now liberated denizens of The Kingdom Under The Lake. So what we have here is a story that was taken and made into part one, of the end of Bakugan's final season.
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Hello! Your characters are amazing! I wish they were real!!!
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